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Ahangama Sri Lanka

Sun, sea and surf are what draw the crowds to Ahangama beach. And this 5km stretch of golden sands is not only a surfers’ paradise, but also makes a great away-day for locals to escape the city crowds.

Lying between the tourist hotspots of Galle and Matara, it is ideal for novice and expert surfers alike, the best breaks being Lazy Left (Midigama), the Rock (Kabalana), Plantation and Rhams, as well as pretty much the whole stretch that extends to Galle and Hikkaduwa.

For the less athletic—and energetic—amongst us, Ahangama is also a great place to see Sri Lanka’s famed Indian Ocean turtles being nurtured and cared for at the Turtle Farm and Hatchery.

Meanwhile, a favourite spectacle are the stilt fishermen as they sit silent and unmoving on their poles high above the sea surface, waiting for hours to catch the small fish that swarm in the shallow offshore waters.

This traditional form of fishing is practiced by around 500 fishing families in Galle, in south-west Sri Lanka, especially around the towns of Koggala, Kathaluwa, and Ahangama.

They usually fish at sunrise, noon and sunset, balanced six feet above the sea. A vertical pole buried deep in the sea bed has a crossbar, on which the fishermen sit for hours at a time.

With one hand gripping the pole and the other a fishing rod or a line, they aim to hook spotted herrings and small mackerels, which they keep in a bag tied around their waist.

Ahangama beach is located 140km south of Colombo between Galle and Matara. A great 5km stretch provides some great surfing breaks, particularly from October to March.

Activities in Ahangama


If you prefer cycling but aren't so keen on struggling with uphill climbs, there are many interesting trails in the lowlands of Sri Lanka that take you through a beautiful landscape of tea, rubber and spice plantations or even the ancient capital of POLONNARUWA .


Beaches are not just for sunbathing on, as any surfer will tell you. Especially in Sri Lanka, one of the most reliable surf destinations in the Indian Ocean. Since the early 60’s Sri Lanka attracts surfers from all over the world. The best surf points in Sri Lanka are located on the South


With its extensive coast-line and numerous reservoirs and lakes, Sri Lanka is an excellent place to cast your line and participate in the exciting sport of inland and deep sea fishing. Inland fishing can be arranged at any time of year due to the constant smoothness of the water on inland

Turtle Watching

Five out of the seven species of sea Turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka , making it an ideal country to go Turtle Watching. Turtles are very nervous when they are looking for a place to nest and can therefore be easily scared.

Attractions in Ahangama

Turtle Hatchery

The turtle hatchery at Hikkaduwa is a must-visit for all those who want to see these amazing animals survive and thrive after years of predation throughout the Indian Ocean.

Handunugoda Tea Estate

Handunugoda is 200 acre property, comprising of Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon, Pepper and Coconut plantations. This Estate is just 15 minutes away from the main tourist resort area of Koggala, in the southern province of Sri Lanka. It may perhaps be the closest tea plantation in the world to the sea. It abounds with a variety of Bird and animal life. The conditions are almost like a Rainforest. The peacock, monkey, porcupine and the mouse deer can be seen if the Visitor is lucky and picks the correct time. You are welcome at any time between 8 AM and 6 PM. You are kindly requested to leave behind only your footprints.

Stilt fishing

Perched on poles above the surface of the sea, stilt fishermen are an enduring and picturesque testament to man’s ingenuity—and patience!

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