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Colombo National Museum

A national museum can be more than just the memory of a nation, a collection of artifacts of historic and cultural significance. It can also hold the legacy of a nation’s journey to statehood. Colombo National Museum is no exception. It not only safeguards the ancient royal regalia, including the throne and crown of the Kandyan kings, it is also the national library. As such, by law, it holds a copy of every document printed in the country: over 12 million to date covering, amongst other subjects, the arts and humanities; natural sciences; and palm leaves inscribed in Sinhala, Pali, Sanskrit, Burmese, Telugu and Tamil characters. The museum was constructed in Colombo city in 1877 by Wapchie Marikar, of the Sheiq Fareed family, which arrived in Ceylon in 1060 AD. Wapchi Marikar also built Colombo’s General Post Office, Old Town Hall in Pettah, Galle Face Hotel, Victoria Arcade, the Clock Tower, and many notable local landmarks still standing today.
Colombo National Museum
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