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Trincomalee area in the east coast of Sri Lanka is one of the largest and safest Natural Harbours in the World. Trincomalee is connected by Rail and Road. It has sunny weather throughout the year, with white sandy beaches, calm, placid and warm waters, ideal for underwater activities and for Whale watching. Trincomalee was a Buddhist Center known as “Gokanna” from very early times and later a Hindu Kovil was constructed at the site. In 1617 five (5) Danish ships entered Koddiyar Bay, but the negotiations with the Kandyan King was fruitless and they sailed away. In 1624 the Portuguese completed the construction of a Fort here after destroying the Hindu Temple at Swami Rock in the Fort. The Fort, which had only 3 Bastions was taken by the Dutch in 1639, but abandoned, re-fortified in 1675 and named it Fort Fedrick.
In 1795 the British captured it after a 4-day bombardment and it became the first possession of the British in Sri Lanka. Nilaveli-10 miles away are the finest beach in Trincomalee starting at Uppuveli- 5 miles away extending all the way to Nilaveli. Pigeon Island is a great place for Diving, Snorkeling and sea bathing.

Velgam Vehera – 6 miles away near Periyakulam Tank is the Temple known to Hindus as Natanar Kovil dating from the 2nd C.A.D. After the Chola Invasion Hindu contributions helped restore it as a Buddhist Temple. There are 7 Hot Spring at Kanniyai just 5 miles away on the Anuradhapura road. Thiriyai Vata-da-ge is 30 miles to the North of Trincomalee and is one of the best monuments in Sri Lanka.

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay is situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s Southeast Coast. It is a popular surfing and tourist destination and is considered as one of the best surf spot in the world. There is a beautiful beach here and a small fishing village, and it is a great place for swimming year-round. Arugam Bay is also close to Lahugala National Park and acts as the gateway to Yala East National Park (Kumana) which is rich in birdlife.

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Batticaloa Sri Lanka

Batticaloa is a major city in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, and its former capital. It is the administrative capital of the Batticaloa District. The city is the seat of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka and is a major commercial city

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Kalkudah & Pasikudah Sri Lanka

These spectacular back-to-back beaches, 34km north of Batticaloa, present as stark a juxtaposition as you could imagine. On one side of a narrow peninsula, the breathtaking white sands of sickle-shaped Passekudah beach are being developed as a kind of mini-Cancun, a government-driven 'Special Economic Zone' with 14 luxury hotels ultimately planned to ring the bay. Fishermen have also been ordered to move their boats away from the main beach. Sure, it's a glorious stretch of s

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Nilaveli Sri Lanka

Nilaveli, the Trinco region's other beach resort, is far less intimate than Uppuveli, with hotels scattered up and down little lanes off the coastal highway – it's around four kilometres from one end of the village to the other. If you're looking for some serious beach time, then Nilaveli could be just the ticket, for the sands are golden and the ocean inviting. Offshore, Pigeon Island offers fine diving and snorkelling.

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Pottuvil Sri Lanka

Pottuvil ?or Pothuvil or Poththuvil is a town in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka, located along the Eastern coast of the Island, it is 4 km due North of the popular tourist destination Arugam Bay. It was affected by 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Not much to see here, mostly another semi-urban sprawl, but this small east-coast town is the main transport hub for the ever-popular beaches and surfing resorts of Arugam Bay, 3km further south. The town has several ATMs...

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Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Trincomalee (Trinco) had a rough time in the war, but this fascinating town is beginning to thrive again. Sitting on one the world’s finest natural harbours, Trincomalee is old almost beyond reckoning: it’s possibly the site of historic Gokana in the Mahavamsa (Great Chronicle), and its Shiva temple the site of Trikuta Hill in the Hindu text Vayu Purana. Most people just pass through the city on their way to the nearby beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli, but the town has some c

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