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The best tour holidays are the result of teamwork, experts working together to create and fine-tune itineraries that perfectly match your expectations.

We at Pledge Holidays work hard to make sure you enjoy every minute of your visit to Sri Lanka, and that you leave our paradise island with abiding memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it is our traditional Buddhist culture, our magnificent scenery, our historical World Heritage sites, our wildlife, or our idyllic palm-fringed beaches, we strive to show the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mahesh Fernando( Chairman)

Mahesh is one of the new breed of entrepreneurs for whom love of country goes hand-in-hand with economic development. For him, tourism and hospitality achieve two goals: sharing the natural wonders of our paradise island with the world, while ensuring that all Sri Lankans share the benefits.

He was already a successful and established businessman when he founded Pledge Hotels and Resorts on the maxim ‘Be different; be the best’. Pledge Holidays takes that to the next level by combining eco-inspired ethical tourism with a heartfelt promise: we care, and we will give you the holiday of a lifetime!

Sunimal Bandara ( Manager )

Sunimal also has years of experience in tourism and hospitality throughout Asia and the Far East, and his expert team ensures that visitors to our paradise island are rarely disappointed.

As a Sri Lankan who has travelled widely, and who has himself lived and breathed the cultures of many different countries, Sunimal well understands how to tailor expectations to experience.

He works closely with Pledge Holidays experts to give our guests the true taste of Sri Lanka—which means literally, in the case of our renowned seafood and spicy Asian cuisine! Let him show you the way!

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Pradeep Senanayake ( Manager )

For Pradeep, being a 24/7 first point of contact for clients while providing an immediate and rapid response is an essential part of his job. Customer service and customer satisfaction, honed by more than 12 years in the travel business, are paramount.

Scandanavia is his special area of operations, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and he is steeped in the cultural preferences of visitors from the region. And for Pledge Holidays the destination management company (DMC), he provides essential liaison with our Scandanavian travel partners.

Says Pradeep: "For me, this is much more than just a job. It gives me real personal satusfaction to know that I am helping to introduce Sri Lanka, our beautiful paradise island, to visitors from around the world."

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Tharindu Ratnayake (Digital Marketing Manager)

Tharindu Rathnayake is a well-known digital-marketing consultant in Sri Lanka's travel and tourism industries. He specialises in web-development and digital-marketing techniques, plus their associated results-driven strategies.

He possesses expert knowledge and experience of Google Adwords, email and social-media marketing, and search-engine optimisation (SEO).

His top-tier knowledge of advanced techniques for online security, including spam, hacking, virus and malware protection, is essential for reducing online threats and disruption.

He also has the in-depth data-analysis skills that allow him to make informed decisions on improving Pledge Holidays' digital-marketing and brand-awareness strategies.

Piyumi Ayoddya (Assistant Manager, Europe Market)

Piyumi is an experienced tour expert who has many years of tour management experience for European customers.

She is responsible to handle the western Europe tour inquiries for Pledge Holidays.

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Gothami Amarasena ( Junior Tour Executive, Middle East Market )

Years of liaising with clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman have given Gothami invaluable insights that ensure Pledge Holidays fully meets the needs and expectations of our Middle Eastern and Gulf customers.

As more and more discover the delights of Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean tropical destinations, we are fully focused on maintaining the trust and confidence of our partner tour operators.

Excellent customer service and respecting cultural sensitivities are key considerations that underscore every aspect of Gothami’s day-to-day contact with this increasingly important tour and travel market.

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Sathika Perera (Accounts Executive)

For Sathika, married with two young daughters, Pledge Holidays is only her second job, and she is looking forward to helping us add value to our great tailor-made tour and holiday packages!

Radhika Perera ( Operations Executive )

Arranging accommodation and hotel reservations to fully match customer requirements, which sometimes change day-to-day, even hour-to-hour, requires skill, patience, and diplomacy.

Radhika’s many years of experience with major hotel chains and their respective booking systems means that customers always arrive at the right place at the right time.

In the rapidly changing world of global hospitality, mastery of online B2B platforms puts organizational and problem-solving abilities to the test. Radhika never fails to deliver.

Sachithra Udadewa Arachchi ( HR Executive )

As a ‘people person’, it is Sachithra who keeps the Pledge Holidays show on the road! From recruitment to staffing issues, she liaises with managers and senior executives to ensure that the office runs smoothly and everyone is free to focus on what they do best, which is serving our customers.

Yohan Sithmaal (Tour Executive, South Asia Market)

Yohan has developed his career in travel & tourism industry with Pledge Holidays and he has gathered many experiences to cater various requirements of his clients.

Yohan will assist Sunimal to manage India, Pakistan and Singapore tours.

Contact :

Nandie Wijesooriya (Management Trainee)

As a management trainee for Pledge Holidays and our partner business Pledge3 Boutique Hotel in Negombo, Nandie is the first point of contact for many of our customers. She loves the travel and hospitality industry very much, and we know she will go far!
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