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Guardstone (Muragala)

Guardstones, found at the entrances of all Anuradhapura’s historic buildings and palaces, were original intended to inspire mystery, awe and respect. They also symbolized fertility, wealth and prosperity, and evolved from plain stone slabs to highly decorated—and somewhat intimidating—stone bastions, of which the ones found in the palace of King Wijayabahu in Anuradhapura are outstanding examples. They feature two Bahiravas (dwarfs), the servants of Kuvera, the god of wealth, essential embellishments that also include representations of the Cobra, a sacred symbol in Sri Lanka’s Buddhist culture best seen on guardstones in Minneriya and Mihintale. Together with a highly decorated flight of stairs and elaborately carved moonstones, the guardstones are central to the history of Anuradhapura, and are regarded as some of the best sculpture ever to have been produced by early Sri Lankan artists.
Guardstone (Muragala)
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