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Haputale Sri Lanka

Haputale is a town of Badulla District in the Uva Province, Sri Lanka, governed by an Urban Council. The elevation is 1431 m above the sea level. The area has a rich bio-diversity dense with numerous varieties of flora and fauna

The legacy of British planters is much in evidence in Haputale, where tea estates cover the hillsides, and where the cemetery of the pretty Anglican church of St Andrew’s is filled with memories of the colonial past. The mountain ridge on which the town is situated proves great views of the south coast, and the Hambantota lighthouse can be seen at night..

Activities in Haputale

Photography and Filming

Sri Lanka a breathtakingly beautiful island set in Indian ocean, where the sun shines 12 hours a day.Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of locations.We offer exotic and extraordinary locations that are normally inaccessible such as naturally beautiful settings, majestic hills, mist clad mount


Sri Lanka’s hill country is a land of tea-laden hillsides, gurgling waterfalls, stirring mountains and clear hill-country air. Here, in temperatures akin to a beautiful English summer’s day, is wonderful walking country.

Attractions in Haputale

St. Andrew's Church

The story of this little brown church began even before World War I, when St. Andrew’s was another picturesque church on a hill, covered by the rising mists of Haputale. Most of its parishioners were well-to-do families of British and local planters.

St.Benedict's Monastry-Adisham

A four km drive from Haputale will lead you to Adisham, a monastery run by Benedictine Monks. Wrapped in the tranquility of the misty hills, Adisham Bungalow attracts every eye that falls on it. The pages of history reveal that the creator of this enthralling place is Sir Thomas Lister Villiers. Sir Thomas Lister Villiers was born in 1869 in Adisham, an ancient village which lies in the hollow of the Kent country side. He was the son of Reverend Prebendary Henry Montegu Villiers who belonged to Clarendon family and his mother was Lady Victoria Russell the daughter of (Grandfather of Sir Thomas Lister Villiers) who was twice the prime minister of Britain (1846 - 52, & 1865 – 66). As leader of the Whig party, he was most responsible for changing its name to the Liberal Party.

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

The sanctuary is set in Thangamale, the ‘Golden Mountain' and is part of the Glennanore Tea Estate. It comprises of 131 hectares and was declared a protected area in 1938. It is approximately two kilometres away from Haputale town, which is 175 kilometres from Colombo and 4,695 feet above sea level. And there are two ways to access the reserve. - See more at:

Dambatenne Tea Factory

A few tea factories in this area are happy to have visitors. The most popular, Dambatenne, was built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, one of the most famous figures in tea history. The tour through the works is an education on the processes involved in the fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting, sieving and grading of tea. The tea-factory tour here is probably the most comprehensive around, and afterwards you can sip on a cuppa. Read more:

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