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This beautiful little stupa was built on top of a huge rock, and the name ‘Isinbassagala’ loosely translates as ‘the rock that the sage came from’. It is part of a complex built by the King Devanampiyathissa (250-210 BC) after the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. It is not the original stupa, but was created in the early 1900’s on the site where the original stood, and where archaeological excavations uncovered an ancient Naga Gala (Snake Stone) and some Sri Pathul Gala (Foot Print of Buddha). The bottom of the rock is guarded by a dragon entrance, while a short way up is a Buddha statue. From here is a short climb down to the main temple, while to one side is a ancient cave room with ancient statue known as Arhath Guhawa. At one time, a retired eye surgeon took up residence in the cave in order to live a life of meditation and devotion while also caring for a massive Na tree that covers an area of about 1,000sq m.
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