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Kalutara Sri Lanka

Kalutara or Kalutota is a big town in Kalutara District, Western Province, Sri Lanka. It is also the third largest urban area in Western Province after Colombo and Negombo. Kalutara is a scenic resort town

Once an important spice-trading center, the town's name is derived from the Kalu Ganga River ('Black River' in native Sinhala). In the 11th Century, the town was temporarily made a capital on the orders of a South Indian Prince. The region was later planted with coconut trees, whose by-products are used for both internal and external trade.

Activities in Kalutara

Attractions in Kalutara

Kalutara Bodhiya

is one of the most famous sacred and devotional Buddha Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka. It is one of the 32 saplings of Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodiya. Kalutara Bodiya is located on Colombo-Galle road.

Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle is one of the historical building located in Palathota, close Kaluthara town, Western province of Sri Lanka. This mansion is famous for its remarkable architectural features and one of the few remaining buildings belonging to that era. Richmond castle was built by ?Athur de Silva Wijeyasinghe Padikara Mudali? (1889-1947), but didn?t stay in this place in last days of his life. Currently is placing used as a Children Orphanage and also used for community activities of the area.

Kalutara Beach

alutara itself divides into Mahawaskaduwa (Kalutata North) where the beach is more scenic, right down to Katukurunda (Kalutata South) It's one of the west coast's largest settlements, but the long stretch of beach north of town remains reasonably unspoilt, dotted with a string of top-end hotels which make a decent first or last stop on a tour of the island, in view of the town's proximity to the international airport.

Pahiyangala Cave

Pahiyangala Cave is a cave in the district of Kalutara, Western Province, Sri Lanka, according to a village legend named after the Buddhist monk Faxian (Wade-Giles: Fa Hsien). However, there is no archeological or historical evidence to support this legend. The cave is important for the La

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