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Kataragama Sri Lanka

Kataragama is a pilgrimage town sacred to Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and indigenous Vedda people of Sri Lanka. People from South India also come there to worship.

In July and August, thousands of devotees attend the Hindu Kataragama festival, which contrasts with the town’s usual peace and calm. This is one of the most important religious pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka for Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus alike It is believed that King Dutugemunu built a shrine to Kataragama Deviyo (the resident god) here in the 2nd century BC, and that the Buddhist Kirivehera dagoba dates back to the 1st century BC.

Activities in Kataragama

Attractions in Kataragama

Kataragama Temple

Kataragamam temple (Sinhalese: ?????, Tamil: ?????????? Katirk?mam) in Kataragama, Sri Lanka, is a Hindu and Buddhist temple complex dedicated to Skanda-Murukan also known as Kataragama deviyo. It is one of the few religious sites in Sri Lanka that is venerated by the majority Sinhala Buddhists, Hindu minority Sri Lankan Tamil people, Sri Lankan Moors and the Vedda people.[3] It is a collection of modest shrines, of which the one dedicated to Skanda-Murukan, also known as Kataragama deviyo, is the most important. For most of the past millennia, it was a jungle shrine very difficult to access; today it is accessible by an all-weather road. Almost all the shrines— and the nearby Kiri Vehera— are managed by Buddhists, apart from shrines dedicated to Teyv??ai and Shiva and the Muslim mosque.

Sella Kataragama Temple

Sella Kataragama is a very important place in Kataragama. About 4 mile from Sella to Kataragama. At the long distance fast a love seen was between Skanda Kumar and Valliamma at here. One mile short tunnel of Sella Kataragma is Valli’s cave. There is a small shrine to Ganesh, which s visit

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