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Kiri Vehera

The 80ft (25m) Kiri Vehera, which lies north of the Lankathilaka Pilima Ge image house and is the second largest stupa at at Polonnaruwa, is said to have been built by a queen of King Parakramabahu, who reigned from 1153 to 1186. One of the many sacred buildings that make up the ruins of Polonnaruwa, the Kiri Vehera also the only one to have survived in its original condition since it was built, nearly 900 years ago. The many restored smaller stupas around Kiri Vehera are thought to have been burial chambers of high priests and royals. Over the centuries, they and the Kiri Vehera have been looted and damaged by thieves and treasure hunters.
Kiri Vehera
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