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Mihintale, a spectacular mountain range near Anuradhapura, has huge cultural and historical significance as the probable cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Every year, pilgrims flock to Mihintale, which includes the Anuradhapura ruins, to renew their faith and appreciate the beauty of the three main peaks: Ambastala, Plateau of the Mango, Rajagiri, Mountain of the King, and Aanaikuddy, Mountain of the Elephant. Centrepiece of the site is Kantaka Cetiya, a circular stupa with a base circumference of 425 feet, a number of Buddhist viharas, and the ruins of a hospital, medical bath and large monastery, which is adorned by beautiful carvings, stone balustrades and guard stones. Particularly revered is the cave of Arahant Mahinda, where he resided after arriving from India to covert King Devanampiyatissa, and thus the whole of Sri Lanka, to Buddhism.

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