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Rankoth Vehera

Rankoth Vehera, which translates as Golden Pinnacle, is at 108ft (33m) the largest stupa in the ruins of Polonnaruwa, and one of the most revered. Built with bricks long before being substantially renovated by King Nissanka Malla, who reigned from 1187 to 1196, it was constructed in the same style as the Ruwanweli Maha Seya in Anuradhapura. A unique feature of this stupa is the guardstone. Instead of the more usual bull, it features an elephant, which corresponds to the frieze of carved stone elephants which encircles the base. The remains of the shrine rooms and sangawasa, where the monk lived, can still be seen towards the north and south sides, within a brick boundry wall.
Rankoth Vehera
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