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Sandakada Pahana (The moon stone )

Sandakada pahanas, or moonstones, are semi-circular stone slabs, elaborately and intricately carved and usually found at the bottom of staircases and entrances. But the ruins of Polonnaruwa reveal unique departures from the traditional features of this ancient and wonderful Sinhalese architectural custom. During the preceding Anuradhapura period, moonstones featured a half lotus in the centre enclosed by bands depicting swans, foliage, and four animals in procession: elephants, lions, horses and bulls. With the Polonnaruwa moonstones, however, the single band showing the four animals was removed, and each was given its own separate band. Meanwhile, instead of the Anuradhapura tradition of placing moonstones only at entrances to Buddhist temples, in Polonnaruwa they are also found at the entrances of other buildings.
Sandakada Pahana (The moon stone )
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