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Sella Kataragama Temple

Sella Kataragama is a very important place in Kataragama. About 4 mile from Sella to Kataragama. At the long distance fast a love seen was between Skanda Kumar and Valliamma at here. One mile short tunnel of Sella Kataragma is Valli’s cave. There is a small shrine to Ganesh, which s visited by the pilgrims. There is the place tradition says walliamma met the elephant when she was escorting Kataragma to the well. Sella Kataragma has many Kovils. Those are Ganapathi Kovil, Siva Kovil, Kataragama Kovil, Valliamma Kovil, Lakshmi Kovil and Saman Devalaya.
Sella Kataragama Temple
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