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Statue of Parakramabahu or Pulastya Rishi

The magnificent 11ft 2in (3.40m) statue, carved from a rock-face just to the north of the main ruins of Polonnaruwa, is a source of much mystery and speculation. It is thought to depict either King Parakramabahu I himself or possibly a celebrated sage of the 12th Century period. It is certainly a hugely imposing figure, grave of face and holding what might be a book in his two hands. Noted historian Mendis Rohanadeera has suggested that it depicts a man belonging to the Lambakanna clan, citing the fact that a hare, which is a Lambakanna symbol, can be seen above his left shoulder. But others have pointed out that the statue is located close to the ancient Potgul Vehera library, and is therefore probably a homage to one of Polonnaruwa’s esteemed and revered sages.
Statue of Parakramabahu or Pulastya Rishi
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