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Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil

Magnificent paintings of gods and goddesses, and an amazing carving of an astrology chart, decorate the inner roof of what is believed to be the oldest and largest Hindu temple in Colombo. Dedicated to Shiva and Ganesha, it is also one of the city’s most popular matrimonial venues, and is often filled with the sound of Ketti Melam, the distinctive music played at Tamil weddings. The temple’s monumental tower, a masterpiece of reverential iconography, dominates the immediate environs of this symbol of Sri Lanka’s multi-ethnic culture and history. For Hindus and non-Hindus alike, this is a must-see for anyone seeking to glimpse what lies at the heart of one of the world’s biggest religious congregations.
Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil
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