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Dagoba of Thuparama

The Dagoba of Thuparamaya was the first stupa to be built in Sri Lanka after the introduction of Buddhism in 250BC, and formed the venerated centerpiece of an Aramic monastic complex extending over three acres. In the 7th Century BC, this Anuradhapura stupa was covered with a gold and silver casing, while the vatadagĂȘ (stupa-house) was layered with golden bricks and hung with golden doors. Originally, four concentric circles of 176 stone pillars carried a dome-shaped roof over the stupa, which was built to enshrine a sacred relic, the collarbone of the Buddha himself. Renovation of the stupa was completed in 1862, and included the Basawakkulama tank, one of the most ancient monuments in the history of Anuradhapura, which was built by king Pandukabhaya in the 4th century BC. After several renovations, the stupa now has a diameter of 59 ft (18m), at the base, while the dome is 11ft 4ins (3.45m) in height and 164ft (50m) in diameter.
Dagoba of Thuparama
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