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Tsunami Honganji Vihara

Tragedy and despair lie behind Honganji Vihara temple at Hikkaduwa, reflected in the somber countenance of the 60ft Buddha statue as it stands gazing out to sea. It was here that 1,700 people died when the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami struck the Queen of the Sea train from Colombo as it passed just a stone’s throw from the beach. It is a place where survivors and the families of those who died can find a few quiet and peaceful moments of reflection. Life goes on, but remembering the past can give purpose to the present and the future. of the that dominates “Peacefull but sad” TA This is a Buddhist temple constructed after Tsunami in 2004, it looks very charming but when you hear and see the incidents happened there you feel very sad. If you are on the way to South passing Hikkaduwa worth a visit. A serene statue of the Buddha facing the Ocean, a scene of destruction during the Tsunami - worth spending a few quiet moments here in remembrance of the thousands of people killed by the Tsunamis of 2004. A very somber reminder of the tragedy that struck this area. The buddha statue was large and donated by the Japanese for good luck. We also visited the nearby tsunami memorial. A place for quiet contemplation, very few people around when we stopped by. Remember to take clothes to cover shoulders and remove shoes, whilst visiting the Buddha statue. Just a few minutes by tuk tuk from Hikkaduwa and combine the trip with the memorial opposite the statue and the 'photograph' museum a little further along the main road. The photograph museum is a very graphic reminder/reflection of the disaster that struck Boxing Day 2004.
Tsunami Honganji Vihara
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