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Twin Baths (Kuttam Pokuna)

The Kuttam Pokuna (Twin Ponds) are by far the best examples of bathing tanks or pools in ancient Sri Lanka, and are architectural and hydrological engineering marvels in their own right. Granite slabs were used to construct the bottom and the sides of the pools, and a low wall encloses the compound. Punkalas—richly carved pots—decorate the flights of steps at both ends of the pool. Water flowed into the larger pond (132ft by 51ft) through the mouth of a makara, a mythical beast, and then to the smaller pond (91ft by 51ft) through an underground pipe. Both ponds were probably used for swimming and bathing by monks from the monastery attached to Abhayagiri Dagoba. The origins of the ponds are unknown, but they are thought to have been built during the reign of King Aggabodhi I (575-608).
Twin Baths (Kuttam Pokuna)
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