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Weijantha Prasada

The Weijantha Prasada was built by King Parakramabahu I (1153–1186) as majestic 1,000-roomed, seven-storied palace containing all the trappings of his luxurious royal existence. Massive walls over a meter thick and 30ft (9m) high enclose the structure, which includes a 150-foot-sqare central edifice with its 102ft long and 42ft high pillared hall. Much of the history of Plonnaruwa is writ large in what remains of this magnificent building’s ancient stone and brickwork. A lion portal forms the entrance , and with its three tiers rising from a stone basement, the uppermost tier replete with stone pillars, what must once have been a truly impressive monument lies as the heart of the ruins of Polonnaruwa.
Weijantha Prasada
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