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Eight sites of Sri Lanka have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage, namely, the ancient city of Polonnaruwa (1982), the ancient city of Sigiriya (1982), the Golden Temple of Dambulla (1991), the old town of Galle and its fortifications (1988), the sacred city of Anuradhapura (1982), the sacred city of Kandy (1988), Sinharaja Forest Reserve (1988) and the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka (2010).

Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura, sacred City of the Kings, is redolent with history and mystery. Founded in the 6th Century BC and venerated by Buddhists the world over, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that lies at the heart of Sri Lanka’s famed ‘cultural triangle’.

Things to do

Visit Ancient Heritage Sites
Explore Forest Monasteries
Safari in Wilpattu
Scenic Walks

Dambulla Sri Lanka

If any one place can be called the cradle of civilization in Sri Lanka, it is Dambulla. Doubly significant, this hugely important historical and cultural site is also where Buddhism gained its first footholds. The region’s prehistory is dated in part from burial site near the Dambulla caves complex. This highlights the development of at least one indigenous civilization long before the arrival of Indian influence, and thus Buddhism.

Things to do

Explore cave temple
Scenic walk in Kandalama
Elephant back ride
Hot air Balooning

Galle Sri Lanka

Galle is so heavily imbued with Sri Lankan history and culture, and not a little ancient and modern controversy, that it is difficult to know where to start. The obvious place is Gall Fort, and the fact that this amazing and picturesque walled township is a UNESCO World heritage site of rare distinction and diversity.

Things to do

Kandy Sri Lanka

This scenic, ancient and historic capital city is not only one of the world’s holiest places of Buddhist worship, but also one of Sri Lanka’s eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. A must-visit for any traveller to our renowned Hill Country, Kandy is redolent with colorful tradition while embracing everything that modernity and today’s switched-on traveller has come to expect. Many arrange their visit months in advance to coincide with the famed 10-day Esala Perahera (the Festiva

Things to do

Elephant trekking
Temple of tooth
Kandy cultural dance

Knuckles Mountains Sri Lanka

With its wildlife reserves and areas of biodiversity, the Knuckles Mountain Range is perhaps the most significant of Sri Lanka’s many prized eco-landscapes. So named because it resembles a clenched fist, it also embodies a climatic microcosm that includes cloud forests that support a variety of flora and fauna unique to Sri Lanka. It is one of the three best-know features of the renowned central highlands, the other two being the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary and Horton Plains.

Things to do

Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

The history of Polonnaruwa shines a dazzling light on the history of Sri Lanka. And ancient ruins and latter-day aging rock-stars underscore why this World Heritage Site lies at the centre of our sacred cultural firmament.

Things to do

Explore the ancient Kingdom
Visit the ruins of the ancient city
Village walks
Enjoy traditional local cuisine
Safari in Minneriya
Elephant Gathering
Bird Watching

Sigiriya Sri Lanka

The Sigiriya rock fortress, a spectacular and once-impregnable edifice built atop a massive 660ft (200m) granite column, dominates the surrounding plain. The topmost fortress, accessible after a lengthy climb that ends in a vertiginous metal spiral staircase, is literally the highpoint of any trip to Sigiriya, with magnificent views over the surrounding countryside. Guarded by an enormous lion’s-head gateway, hence the name Lion Mountain, this magical and mysterious complex

Things to do

Sinharaja Forest Sri Lanka

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Things to do

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